When writing a story for your memoir, you are telling a story   ̶  in written form. Think for a moment about storytelling, how you would verbalize that story. Now, write it down.

Oh, are you concerned that your writing will be correct and acceptable use of English? The English language has never been on solid ground, there are rules for proper use, they are many, and they change.
Good writing uses the rules, but modifies them to suit the purpose, the audience, and the nature of the story you are telling.

“Write in a way that comes easily and naturally to you, using words and phrases that come readily to hand. But do not assume that because you have acted naturally your product is without flaw."(1)   
(1) The Elements of Style, Strunk and White  ̶  Fourth Edition

Writing Tips will present information about the rules and how to best use them. Use these tips ̶ with care. Keep in mind that you are telling a story. You must attract and hold your listeners, your readers.

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Writing Tips to Assist Your Writing Efforts